Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Bulldogs! ☺

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Lindsay and Courtney started volleyball and they have had a lot of fun with it!
They both have had a lot of fun with choosing there name! They both wanted there
to be the blue platypuses but Sydney and Chaselyn don't like the show Phineas
Ferb! So they didn't want that name! Mrs.Courtney was just thinking of names one
morning before a practice and thought of the name the blue bulldogs!
They all decided for the name to be the blue bulldogs!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


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I know this is a a little late for a post for Christmas,but I don't care!!!! So we had a very good Christmas this year,we do not have a baby walking everywhere trying to take your presents yet!!! ( thankfully ) Anyways, JT loved tearing into his presents. He did a lot better than I thought, but every piece he had in his hand he had to put in his mouth!!! So we had to keep on putting our hands in his mouth! Yuckk!!!! On Christmas Eve we made Christmas sugar cookies and decorated them that night too!! We had a blast! While we were decorating our cookies we had the Santa Claus 3 on!! I love that movie!!! Santa had 3 sugar cookies,and we laid down 9 chopped up carrots for the reindeer!!! Santa didn't eat all of his cookies but the reindeer did eat all of its carrots! He even left us a note!!!!! As I was saying we had a great Christmas!!!


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